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Our company founded in 1995 and today it is a professional family business. We have received a lot of awards  and in july 2015, a new family enterprise -  "Samarkand-Golden-Chickpeas" was opened in samarkand city, which meets the most modern quality requirements for the production of environmentally friendly roasted peas.  And also  our products have an international ISO certificate.

 We have more than 50 devices which perform continuous quality control at all stages, therefore we ensure that our products are  high quality.  We also employ more than 20 highly qualified specialists.

 As well as, we export to such countries as: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Usa, England, United Arab Emirates, India, Canada, England and Germany.

Today, our company is very actively participating in various foreign exhibitions, and it is worth noting that participation in international competitions in India, Turkey, Russia and a number of European countries, taking suitable places is worthy of recognition.

The products of "Samarkand-Golden-Chickpeas" are distinguished by the highest grade and golden color, and today the products of our company are in increasing demand among foreign countries for the absence of chemical additives and dyes, and most importantly, 100% naturalness.

 Our enterprise produces more than 200 tons of roasted peas per month.

Baxtiyor Beknazarov

Founder of Samarkand Golden Chickpeas

Baxtiyor Beknazarov